What is L Rizz? Full Meaning Here!

What is L Rizz? If you’re a teenager trying to figure out dating and relationships, you’ve probably heard this term thrown around. Especially if you’ve got a Tiktok or Twitter account.

I’ll try to explain what it means to have L Rizz.

Meanwhile we’ve got an article that fully explains what rizz is, as well as what unspoken rizz is.

L Rizz Meaning

L Rizz refers to when you’re not able to attract girls or get with the ones you’re interested in. 

It basically means you have no “game”. Game is another word for your confidence and swag when talking to girls. Opposite of l rizz is W Rizz.

Someone with game knows how to be charming and flirty to get a girl’s attention. So if your rizz is “L”, it means you don’t have that game.

The “L” stands for you taking an “L”, which means you lost or took the loss. You lost your chance with that girl because your game was weak. Pretty soon, you’ll have a reputation as the guy who always catches Ls when he tries talking to girls.

When your rizz is low, it shows. You might get all nervous and awkward around cute girls. Your words start stumbling over each other and you forget how to act cool. 

This makes girls lose interest fast because they want a guy who can keep a fun, easy conversation flowing.

It also means you’re not good at pulling moves like getting phone numbers or dates. All your flirting attempts end in rejection too. Getting “L Rizz” is what your friends will call you after a girl turns you down. 


So in short, having L Rizz means you struggle to attract girls and don’t know how to turn up the charm when it counts. 

But the good news is, everyone starts somewhere – so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and practice, practice, practice! With time and experience, you can level up your game.

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