What is Rizz? Understanding the Latest Slang Term for Charisma

Rizz is a slang term that has been gaining popularity, especially among teenagers and young adults on social media platforms like Tiktok and Youtube. 

But what does rizz actually mean, and where did this new slang come from?  

We will explore the meaning, origins and proper usage of the slang term “rizz.” 

We’ll address common concerns regarding this new slang, while also recognizing rizz as a normal part of teenage language that reflects positive traits like confidence and social skills.

What Exactly Does Rizz Mean?

Rizz refers to your ability to charm and attract others, especially potential romantic partners. 

Having “rizz” means you’re confident, witty and know how to work a room.

You exude charisma and leave people wanting more through your words, body language and vibe. 

It usually ends in a date or -even better- a relationship.

So in short, rizz is just a slang way of saying you’ve got game, charm or charisma – that special something that draws people to you. It could be your looks, your behaviour, or how you talk.

Where Did Rizz Come From?

The term “rizz” is believed to have originated from the phrase “romantic charisma.” It first emerged on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube in 2021.

Content creator Kai Cenat is widely credited with popularizing the term through his videos in which he used “rizz” to describe:

• Someone’s ability to charm and attract others, especially potential romantic partners   

• A person’s level of confidence, charisma and flirting skills

Kai would feature “rizz competitions” and “rizz tutorials” in his content, helping spread the term to a wider audience.

Some believe “rizz” may have origins in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and has roots in older terms like:

Game: The ability to attract romantic partners   

Swag: Confidence and charm  

Sauce: A person’s style and charisma

While the exact origins are unclear, it’s undeniable that Kai Cenat and other social media personalities helped popularize “rizz” starting in 2021. The term then spread from platforms like TikTok and YouTube to broader cultural awareness.

Types of Rizz

There are different types of “rizz” that describe varying levels of charisma and charm:

W Rizz 

Refers to someone who easily attracts others and wins people over. They have an abundance of charisma and charm. Read more on what w rizz means.

L Rizz 

Describes those who lack charisma and charm, and struggle to attract others. They have “low rizz.”

Unspoken Rizz 

Refers to nonverbal charisma conveyed through body language, eye contact, and presence. It’s the “rizz” created by one’s aura and vibes. You can read more in this article that thoroughly explains unspoken rizz.

Beginner Rizz

Used to describe those who are just starting to develop their confidence, charm and flirting skills. Their “rizz” is basic.

Advanced Rizz

Refers to someone with a high level of charisma, charm and seduction skills. Their “rizz” is considered advanced.   

We have other articles that explain the various kinds of rizz such as christian rizz, poetic rizz, and even a best rizz pickup lines page.

Fictional Characters with Rizz

Many fictional characters are thought to have “rizz” due to their confidence, charm and ability to win over romantic interests. Examples include: 

• Han Solo: Han Solo’s roguish charm, devil-may-care attitude and swagger have made him an iconic character with “rizz.”

• James Bond: James Bond’s suave sophistication, charm and way with women epitomize “rizz” for many.

• Tony Stark: Tony Stark’s confidence, wit, wealth and good looks make him a character with an abundance of “rizz.”

• The Mandalorian: Though hidden behind a helmet, The Mandalorian’s quiet strength, honor and loyalty still manage to exude a type of “unspoken rizz.”

Celebrities with Rizz

Many celebrities are considered to have “rizz” due to their charm, charisma and ability to attract romantic partners. Examples include:

• Tom Holland: His boyish charm and sense of humor have earned him a reputation for having “rizz.”  

• Harry Styles: His effortless confidence, good looks and flirtatious personality mean many consider Harry Styles to have “rizz in abundance.”

• Zendaya: Zendaya’s poise, wit and grace have led to her being seen as a celebrity with “rizz.”

• Beyoncé: Queen Bey’s unparalleled confidence, talent and sex appeal have made her an icon of “rizz” for many.

How to Use “Rizz” in Conversation

Rizz can be used as both a noun and a verb. 

As a noun, it refers to someone’s level of charm – for example, “He’s got mad rizz” or “Her rizz is unmatched.” 

As a verb, you can say someone “rizzed up” someone else, meaning they charmed or seduced them.

Complimenting Others

 You can use “rizz” to compliment someone’s charm, confidence or flirting skills in a positive way.

• “You’ve got so much rizz, it’s crazy how you charm everyone you meet.”  

• “Your rizz is on another level – you always know the perfect thing to say.”   

• “I’m always impressed by your rizz. You make it look so effortless.”

Dating Scenarios

 You can use “rizz” to describe someone’s success in attracting a date or potential partner.

• “I saw you talking to that girl at the bar. Did you get her number? You must have rizzed her up good!” 

• “I’m about to try and rizz up that guy over there. Wish me luck!”

• “She’s totally into you. Whatever rizz you’re working, keep it up!”

As a Nickname  

Some people use “rizz” as a nickname for friends, similar to “bro” or “dude.”

• “What’s up rizz? How’s it going?”  

• “Rizz, you won’t believe what happened today…”

• “Thanks for the advice rizz, I really appreciate it.”

Is Rizz Something to Strive For?

While having rizz can be useful, there are downsides. Some view the slang itself as improper. And focusing too much on attracting others can become unhealthy.  

So instead of obsessing over “rizz,” focus on developing your social and communication skills in an authentic way.

With patience and practice, you’ll learn to connect with others in a healthy, meaningful manner – and that’s truly charming.

The next time someone accuses you of having “no rizz,” don’t take it personally. See it as an opportunity for self-reflection: how can I develop my social skills in a way that feels right for me? 


In the end, rizz is just a slang term for age-old concepts like charisma and charm.

The ability to attract others through confidence and personality has always been valuable.

So don’t stress too much about having “rizz” – focus on becoming the best version of yourself. The rest will follow.

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